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Joining RFPN

We strive to maintain the highest membership standards of any organization for financial advisors. Why are these membership standards important to us? Because providing financial planning to the next generation is the core of what we do. We believe everyone deserves professional financial advice, regardless of age or assets. A traditional AUM fee model won't work for clients without assets, who often need us most.

All RFPN members must sign a fiduciary oath.

Applicants are also expected to sign a compliance terms of service and an agreement regarding their fee-only transition. Upon joining RFPN, Members agree to:

  • Stop selling any new products
  • Eliminate all trails within 12 months
  • Not hold out as fee-only at any point (including during the 12-month transition period) while receiving trails
  • Wait to be listed on the Find-an-Advisor portal until receipt of all trails has ceased

Standard RFPN Membership

Fee-Only: Members must operate on a fee-only basis. We follow the global standard for Fee-Only practices: โ€œA certificant may describe his or her practice as โ€œfee-onlyโ€ if, and only if, all of the certificantโ€™s compensation from all of his or her client work comes exclusively from the clients in the form of fixed, flat, hourly, percentage or performance-based fees.โ€

Provide Services Virtually As Needed: Members must be able to accommodate clients with mobility/accessibility considerations. Physical location should not limit oneโ€™s access to financial planning

Fee-for-Service (Retainer, Subscription, Hourly, Flat-Fee offering): Must offer financial planning services to clients without requiring a certain asset level. Note: There is nothing wrong with offsetting planning fees with AUM

Good Standing with Regulatory Bodies:Members must maintain a good standing with relevant regulatory bodies. Each member must adhere to the ethical standards and regulations applicable in their respective jurisdictions.

Multi-Member Firm Membership:

  • Two or more advisors at the same firm may save by applying for a Multi-Member Firm Membership
  • Full benefits are available for each additional member added to one Standard Membership

International Membership:

  • Membership is open to advisors from the countries listed on our website
  • Membership is also available to advisors with full-time residence outside of their respective regulatory jurisdictions


  • Access to Find-an-Advisor portal with appropriate designations e.g. CFPยฎ
  • Access to member-exclusive forums, educational materials, and resources

Note: Relevant designations are required to be listed in the Find-an-Advisor search tool

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