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Opsync is a comprehensive operations management outsourcing solution designed specifically for financial planning firms.

It serves as the central nervous system of your financial planning organization, synchronizing and optimizing various operational aspects to enhance efficiency and service quality.

Starting from $729 USD per month.#*

# $999 for non members.

* additional one time on-boarding fee for new clients.

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Key Features of Opsync

Workflow Management

The Opsync team handles routine tasks such as client onboarding, document generation, and appointment scheduling.

Client Information & Services Management

Opsync's team manages client information efficiently, ensuring real-time updates and easy document exchange.

Financial Planning Assistance

Opsync offers templated financial plans and automated data population for efficient financial planning.

Resource Allocation

The Opsync team optimizes human and technological resources for data-driven decision-making.

Data Integration

Opsync centralizes data from various sources, providing a holistic view of your financial planning firm operations.

Reporting and Analytics

Opsync provides customizable dashboards and automated reports for your financial advisory business insights.

Security and Data Protection

Opsync prioritizes security with bank-level encryption and multi-factor authentication.

Opsync, powered by RFPN, liberates you from the complexities of business management, allowing you to focus on your passion. It goes beyond mere task management, serving as your strategic partner in advancing your firm from its current position to your envisioned futureโ€”even enabling you to take a vacation. Our tailored team approach offers comprehensive solutions, perfectly aligned with your unique business needs. Let's Talk

Opsync is a Team of Problem Solvers

With a robust suite of capabilities, we offer tailored solutions to address any challenges your financial planning business may encounter.

Together, we will craft a customized plan that identifies your specific needs and matches them with the perfect solution.

Whether your requirements grow, scale back, or evolve, our adaptable approach ensures we meet your unique demands.

Uncertain about a particular issue or need assistance defining your challenges? Count on us for expert guidance and support.

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Detailed Service Offerings


  • Tasks related to Compliance
  • Annual ADV Updates
  • Compliance Log Creation & Maintenance
  • IPS Preparation


  • Monthly Newsletter Management
  • Vlog and YouTube Management
  • Client Facing Document Refresh
  • Website Update
  • Social Media Management
  • SEO Optimization
  • Email Drip Campaign Creation
  • Lead Magnet Creation
  • Social Media Account Setup
  • Messaging & Copywriting

Service Model

  • Client Service Calendar Creation
  • Implement CRM Workflows
  • Meeting Prep, Notes & Follow Up
  • Client Onboarding
  • Best Practice Recommendations & Implementation
  • Pricing and Fee Structure Consultation
  • Surge Preparation & Support
  • Calendly Management
  • Client Communications Calendar & Templates
  • Manage Client Data & CRM Clean-Up
  • Quarterly Performance Reports
  • Billings and Invoice Management

Custodial Needs

  • Best Practice Recommendation and Implementation
  • Rollover Disclosure Form
  • New Account Openings
  • Meeting Notes & Follow Up
  • Beneficiary Change

Back Office Support

  • Human Resource Support
  • KPI Identification & Dashboard Creation
  • Build SOPs
  • Knowledge Banks and Training Materials
  • CE Credit Management
  • Quarterly Project Management
  • 90 Day Goal Strategy
  • Profit and Loss Data Analysis

Tech, IT & Process

  • Manage Cybersecurity Plan
  • Direct Integration Automations
  • System Optimization
  • Cross System Integration
  • Workflow Creations
  • Scheduling System Management
  • File & Vault Management
  • System Optimization & Data Entry
  • Cost Benefit Analysis for System Options

Opsync, an operations management solution by RFPN for financial planners, transforms the complex, multi-faceted operations of a financial planning firm into a smooth, synchronized process. It increases efficiency by reducing manual work and eliminating redundancies.

The human-driven operations improve accuracy by minimizing errors. Enhanced collaboration is facilitated through better communication and coordination among team members.

Moreover, Opsync is designed with scalability in mind, allowing firms to easily adapt to growth and changes in business volume. By optimizing resource utilization, it can potentially lower operational costs.

In essence, Opsync allows financial planners to focus on what they do best: providing expert financial guidance to their clients.

By handling the operational intricacies, Opsync's team empowers advisors to dedicate more time to high-value activities like developing strategic financial plans and nurturing client relationships.

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